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* if you know of any other fun online games to play, lmk! it doesn't have to be virtual pet sites.

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dreamyverse :: augaza :: sealed hearts :: psyche! :: nina & tomas :: vainglorious

* feel free to share any webcomics you like, i'm always on the look out to read some.

games: - A remake of an old site with the original room escape puzzle games created by Toshimitsu Takagi. I used to play these games when I was a kid and they creeped me the hell out, so i'm glad someone took the time to preserve them. - wanna play some checkers? there's an online mode too! - a fanmade revival project of the now defunct flash site omgpop (or previously known as iminlikewithyou). as of right now, not a lot of the games from the original are on here, such as Draw my thing, but the creator is still updating and planning on implementing more in time. as a former user on omgpop, this is pretty nostalgic and impressive! - a free-to-play, open world, furry mmo. has tons of character customization and several maps to explore and more!