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sup, welcome to my site.
i'm shiny, the webmaster behind this site, and i'll be your tour guide.
currently it's under construction right now.

^ my kofi
site news
☰ 10.4.2022
= new blog post + revamped blog page
= new layout theme!
= updated profile section
= revamping gallery section...
☰ 7.5.2022
added a gallery section
tweaked the profile section and added autoplay (just a heads up!)
added more sites in affiliates
added some stuff in resources and contact :]
i'm planning on revamping the splash page so keep your eyes peeled for whenever that happens
☰ 4.21.2022
revamped the homepage! updated contacts page.
☰ 3.22.2022
more layout tweaking. added a logo + updated the profile page.
☰ 2.22.2022
an update to the layout. site still isn't complete, need to add more links.
☰ 1.27.2022
here's the news...i've learned that web designing is challenging!
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