Yo, i'm shiny, or you can call me sphinx. what can i say, i'm just a person roaming around the internet like anybody else. as you can see, i love web design, big cats (panthera), worldbuilding/character design, cartoons, animation, and art!

basic info

name: shiny, or sphinx
online aliases: shinyebooks, pocketstain, kaijutiger, punkray(z)
pronouns: he/they
birthday: june 3rd
age: old enough to do ya mom
location: hollow bastion
occupation: part-time state park employee by day, illustrator/comic artist by night
major: biology

i look like this ⬎

i enjoy...

shows: tim and eric awesome show great job / the eric andre show / nathan for you (as you can see my sense of humor is really skewed haha)
cartoons: xiaolin showdown / amphibia / kipo: age of the wonderbeasts / early 00's toons
anime: check my anilist
films: check my letterboxd
games: splatoon / kingdom hearts / twisted wonderland / monster hunter / silent hill 3 / soma / lost in vivo / half-life / portal / mirror's edge
musik: check out my
in general: mythology / big cats / kaijus / horror / ocs / worldbuilding / early web design / languages: japanese, spanish