"shiny, how do u art?"

well, kind stranger, i'm happy to answer that! here's a list of junk I use in my workspace.

art programs

clip studio paint - My main art program. I used to reccomend this program to people, however, due to their weird and confusing business model choices, i'm not so sure about suggesting it; you can grab the 1.0v version (single purchase) before it becomes obsolete. As an alternative, check out SAI2.
photoshop cs6 - what can i say, it's photoshop. i only use this if i need to convert artwork into CYMK for printing and whatnot. i reccommend just pirating adobe stuff if you know where to look. hint: search "reddit photoshop genp"
for ios:
csp - subscription based (there's a free 3 month trial)
procreate - $10 on the appstore. personally dislike this one. it's UI is very tedious to work with
medibang pro - free, i believe. it's pretty decent!
ibispaint X - loved doodling in this app on my school ipad. free/paid


asus desktop pc (windows 11) - i also have 2 hp monitors
wacom intuos pro (medium) - my baby
ipad pro (5th generation) + apple pencil - honestly, despite every artist and their grandma using ipads to draw, they're not a necessity. not to mention that investing in an ipad pro is an expensive decision, just like apple's other overpriced products. To me, if you really want to draw while lying in your bed or traveling on the go, you're better off with a sketchbook and pen (the ol' fashioned way!)

traditional supplies

fountain pens + noodlers ink - duke 209 (flex nib), jinhao dragon fountain pen, platinum preppy

what else is on your desk?

my lovely collection of godzilla figurines because i love this radioactive lizard a little bit too much