☰ resources and inspiration
For the most part, my inspirations come from early 2000's cartoons, video games and movies that I enjoy. I don't really have a particular style, I just call it "cartoony" since that's the style i'm more drawn to. I also take inspiration from various artists I come across. On the other hand, I want to have a more realistic/renaissance-like painting style when I draw animals and nature.

Here's my inspirational pinterest and tumblr.

This is an ongoing list that will be updated when I feel like doing so.

My Art Resources

Ever wondered what I use to produce my work? Well, I got you covered. :]
I use Clip Studio Paint for all of my digital work, be sure to get it when it's on sale.

paid Brushes (including photoshop): Free brushes and assets: Textures: Other helpful tools:

Inspirational Artists

Concept arts

Xiaolin Showdown: Kingdom Hearts: Movies: